The last 9 months of grinding have all lead to this moment.  We are finally live!
#shamelessplug #vegas #slotgame #congratsteam


The last 9 months of grinding have all lead to this moment.
We are finally live!

#shamelessplug #vegas #slotgame #congratsteam

Everything You need to know about Rainbow Riches

Have you ever heard of a slot machine game by the name of Rainbow Riches? This game was developed by Barcrest and has become quite popular ever since its release in the United Kingdom. These machines can be found all around the country and the popularity of the game has led to it becoming an online game as well. This game does a great job of combining traditional English slot machines with the glitzy Vegas ones to create a game which has the best from both worlds.

When you play the Rainbow Riches slot game, the first thing you will notice is the amazing graphics and sound effects. Everything from the leprechauns to the pots of gold are well rendered quite well. This game proves that slot machines have come very far from the old days of the hand pulled lever slot machines. There are several different spin offs as part of the game too. For example, you can play the ‘Win Big Shindig.’ Even the online version of the game is authentic and there is nothing you will miss out on irrespective of whether you choose to play in person or online.

The game consists of 5 reels with 20 pay lines on each of them. There are 10 symbols and each symbol stands for a certain amount of money. The smallest winning come from the ‘A’ while you can expect big winnings from Rainbows and Wilds. For example, getting a line of five wilds will win you 500x. You could win tens of thousands of pounds playing this game. Payouts are quite regular which helps keep a player interested and the game play is fast paced. This means that you will always be on the edge of your seat and the added bonus games ensure that you never find the game monotonous. There are three different bonus levels, ‘Roads to Riches’, Wishing Wells’ and ‘Pot of Gold.’ While some people may complain that the maximum payout of 500x is too little, in my opinion it really depends on what the ‘x’ is doesn’t it?

The ‘Roads to Riches’ game involves spinning a wheel while the ‘Wishing Well’ game involves choosing one out of many random wells. And if you are able to pass both these bonus levels you will come to the ‘Pot of Gold’ level where you have many spinning pots. Whatever these pots point at when they stop determines how much you will win. It really is quite fun, but you will need a certain amount of luck if you want to win the 500x multiplier. So what are you waiting for? Start playing the game online today.

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